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Why Your Child Should Get Routine Pediatric Eye ExamsBrowse Eyewear

The ability to see well allows an individual to appreciate the wonders all around. From the moment babies come into the world, they learn to explore the environment around them through their eyes. Healthy eyes and good vision are essential to a child’s healthy development. Poor vision causes developmental delays. Early detection of visual impairment allows successful treatment. It is crucial to ensure that your child gets routine pediatric eye exams.


Regular vision screenings by a pediatrician are not adequate. Make sure to take your little one to a pediatric eye doctor for proper eye exams on a routine basis. It is essential to have a set routine pediatric eye examination. Pediatric eye doctors begin taking patients at infancy and continue into the time when a child starts school. Regular testing allows you to monitor and record the child’s eye health. Routine pediatric eye exams are important because they help in the following ways.


Preventing Learning Issues


Eye problems affect the child’s ability to learn. A child with eye problems may have trouble focusing. An inability to focus could discourage your child from performing well. As a result, he or she may fall behind in reading, writing, and other schoolwork. Pediatric eye exams ensure your child’s ability to participate.


Prevent Severe Eye Disease


Pediatric eye exams identify and diagnose eye diseases. Exams prevent eye conditions that may be severe or irreversible. Some conditions like lazy eye can be corrected early on when the visual system is in the developing stage. This will help to avert severe problems like vision impairment or lack of depth perception. When detected early, damage can be reversed and may save your child’s eyesight.


Bring Peace of Mind


As a parent, you need to ensure that your child gets routine eye exams. Doing so helps you to have peace of mind. You do not have to spend sleepless nights wondering whether your child’s eyesight is perfect. You want your child to have a good start in life. Educators agree that vision skills are important for children’s success in academics. With routine eye exams, you can determine the best way to help your child.


Prevent Misdiagnosis


Routine pediatric eye exams can prevent cases of misdiagnosis. Some vision problems make it difficult for the child to learn, focus, or perform certain tasks. Many children have been misdiagnosed with hyperactivity or attention-deficit disorder when the real problem is poor eyesight. A comprehensive eye exam gets your child proper treatment. The care providers have the skills to identify eye issues that may require attention.


Routine eye exams ensure that your child’s development progress is not hampered. Poor vision contributes to behavioral and academic problems like fatigue, discomfort, and short attention span. Children with undetected vision problems often exhibit negative behavior in school. Eye and vision health is important for child development.


To know more about the importance of pediatric eye exams, visit Canterbury Vision Care in West Boylston, MA at (508) 854-0595 to book an appointment.

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