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The Benefits of Early Myopia Management for ChildrenBrowse Eyewear

Myopia cases in children are alarmingly increasing. The American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control stresses the importance of early myopia management for kids. This type of care can help improve your child’s quality of life. Here are the benefits of early myopia control and management for children.


The Benefits

Receiving early myopia treatment can provide kids with many benefits. Parents do not need to wait for myopia to advance significantly before getting treatment for their children. Below are the different myopia management benefits that your child can get:


  • Noninvasive or painless treatments

  • There are custom-fit lenses that can help provide comfort and clear vision

  • It prevents the onset of more serious eye conditions in the future

  • The contact lenses are easy to use and convenient

  • Treatments are reversible and cost-effective

  • Treatments prevent your child from needing high-prescription eyewear


It Is Safe

The risk of going through early myopia management is the same as the risks of regular corrective eyesight treatments. There might be blurred vision or even mild discomfort. It is important to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for proper care. This will help avoid any potential corneal infections caused by wearing contact lenses overnight. Regular eye checks will ensure that your child’s lenses fit and eyes stay healthy.


There Is No Fixed Treatment Plan

Your eye doctor may predict your child’s myopia level and examine the reduction of myopia by using a calculator. Some kids may not respond to the myopia treatment according to plan. These kids may need to change treatments. Their eye doctors may try a combination of treatments as well.


It May Stop at a Certain Age

Many eye doctors believe that kids must stop their myopia management when their myopia stabilizes or when they reach their late teens. But your child may still need to have treatment. They could also restart their treatment if their nearsightedness worsens after the treatment stops. Every myopia case is different. If your child’s myopia does not stop, its progress can slow down with myopia management.

Once your child’s myopia stabilizes during the late teens or early 20s, your child can have a better quality of life. Myopia management can make your child a good candidate for laser eye surgery. It can also lower your child’s risk for more serious eye conditions in the future.


What Can Help With Myopia Management?

The time your child spends on screen time, reading, and outdoor play affects your child’s risk for myopia progression. Talk to your eye doctor about the proper hours of screentime, close-up work, and outdoor activities that your child should have. The tips you get can help manage your child’s myopia. They can also ensure the most favorable results.

Your child can get the mentioned benefits from early myopia management. At Canterbury Vision Care, we work with our patients so they can achieve better eye and vision health. Visit our clinic in West Boylston, Massachusetts, for an in-person consultation. Call 508-500-1562 to schedule an appointment or ask about our myopia management packages for kids.

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