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7 Ways to Prepare Your Child for an Eye ExamBrowse Eyewear

Your child will likely undergo vision screenings. During the screening, the doctor will look for abnormalities and eye issues. Children need regular eye exams to ensure their eyes and vision are developing correctly. Scheduling annual exams from an early age are vital.


1. Explaining the Process

The best way to prepare your child is by letting them know what to expect. Explain what an eye doctor does and discuss how they will examine the child's eyes. All the child needs to know is that the doctor may use some devices to check the eyes. Let the child know that the process is painless and that you will be present the whole time.


2. Remain Relaxed

Children are good at picking up anxiety from their parents. The best way to calm your child is by remaining calm and relaxed. Make it clear that the exam is simple and has no cause for concern. Explain how you also require regular eye exams. Your little one will relax knowing they are doing what others do.


3. Using Books or Videos

There are children's books and shows talking about going to the doctor. You can use them to explain the visit in a way that will appear fun. They can help your child understand that the experience does not have to be scary. Your child will be more prepared when they know what to expect.


4. Use Role-playing

You can use role-playing to explain what an eye exam entails. You can use videos and identify pictures or shapes to make it fun. Play a game where your child plays the eye doctor and you the patient, then reverse the roles. You can get toy medical equipment to help with your role-playing.


5. Answer Your Child's Questions

Your child will have questions about the eye exam. Make sure you answer the questions and address all their concerns. Remain positive and reassuring, and remember to keep your answers genuine. Use simple language and explain the importance of maintaining healthy eyes. Use this as a teaching moment to instill the importance of the eyes and good vision. 


6. Visit or Take a Virtual Tour

Visit the doctor's website and take your child on a virtual tour. Videos or photos of the doctor's office will help the child know what they can expect to find. Seeing the space and equipment in advance can make the first visit feel familiar. It helps if they can see other kids in the images. You can schedule a visit to the clinic before the scheduled appointment. It will allow the child to become familiar with the sights and sounds.


7. Stay With the Child

Staying with your child throughout the exam process is highly recommended. It will help keep the child calm and relaxed. It is also helpful to bring your child's favorite toy or stuffed animal.

The type of eye exam conducted will depend on the child's age and any eye health concerns. Tests include a vision test, an eye movement test, and a pupil check. The tests will help determine if the child requires vision correction.

For more ways to prepare your child for an eye exam, visit Canterbury Vision Care at our West Boylston, Massachusetts office. Call (508) 500-1562 to schedule an appointment today.

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