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6 Reasons to Manage Myopia with MiSight LensesBrowse Eyewear

MiSight 1 Day contact lenses are specifically designed to not only correct the vision of children with myopia, giving them exceptional clarity while they wear them, but to also slow the progression of short-sightedness.



MiSight lenses are soft, daily disposable contacts that look, behave and feel just like conventional contact lenses. However, the key difference is that they feature ActivControlÒ technology. This unique technology creates an optical focus that safely and non-invasively slows the process that enables the progression of myopia. By wearing these lenses, it helps to slow or even halt myopia progression, particularly in childhood. This is extremely valuable since keeping myopia levels low can significantly reduces the risk of experiencing high myopia, and any of the complications that are associated with it, in the future.


Reasons to Manage Myopia with MiSight Lenses


Here are six reasons why patients with myopia and their parents should consider managing their condition with MiSight Lenses.



1 – Reduced Lens Strength


The aim of myopia management treatment is to reduce your child’s final prescription by an average of around 50%. A reduced prescription means that your child will have better vision without their contact lenses or glasses and will need thinner and lighter lenses in their glasses.



 2 – Improved Eye Health


Research shows that by reducing the severity of your child’s prescription and slowing down the growth of the eyeball, it may considerably reduce the risk of them developing a serious eye disease in the future, as well as eye health complications. Issues that could be avoided include myopic macular disease, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment and more.



3 – Greater Convenience


Wearing glasses is a big responsibility for adults, let alone children. You have to remember to take them with you wherever you go, keep them safe and free from scratches by storing them properly, and no drop or break them. You also can’t participate in some activities, such as high-impact sports, while wearing glasses. In this way, they can be limiting. However, contact lenses can give kids the freedom to live their best lives while still maintaining clear vision.



4 – Little Maintenance


Some types of contact lenses need to be cleaned overnight and worn again. However, MisightÒ lenses are daily disposables than can simply be removed and discarded at the end of each day. This reduces the amount of responsibility you and your child need to take for their care and makes them simpler to wear and to take with your child if they stay away overnight – such as for a sleepover or camp.



5 – Greater Confidence


Unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t alter your child’s appearance in any way, meaning you won’t need to worry about them getting teased for wearing glasses. Better still, they will have the ability to choose fashion eyewear/sunglasses if they want to and can enjoy greater confidence in their appearance.



6 – They Can Be Used By Children As Young As 8 Years Old


The sooner myopia management begins, the less it is likely to develop. MiSight lenses give parents the reassurance that their child is starting myopia management from a young age and can start to reap the benefits of this right away.



For more on MiSight lenses for myopia management,  visit Canterbury Vision Care in West Boylston. Call 508-854-0595 to schedule an appointment today.

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